Mia in the backseat, hair blowing in the wind, on the way to Punta de Mita

We had been anticipating the 3-day drive to Mexico all summer long. We were planning to move to Mexico for the winters and were starting a new business. We had decided to drive our 1999 Chevy Suburban with 200,000 miles on it, and leave it there for good.

I was a nervous wreck for the 2 weeks prior to leaving. I was so worried that the Burb wouldn’t make it. We were hoping to bring 11 inflatable boards in the car for our new business and 2 race boards on top of the car. We were also bringing paddles, life belts, bedding, rugs, vitamins, clothing, etc. I was so worried that we would break down in Mexico, and not be able to leave the car alone with all that stuff in it. Also, it was just a big change in life, moving down there for the winter and starting a new business.

Shane was quite calm, but the more nervous I got the closer to the day of leaving, the more stressed he got.

So, Monday, Sept. 24th, we set off for Mexico. Day 1 we drove 10 hours and made it just north of the border to Las Cruces, New Mexico. As we got into New Mexico, it started getting really hot! We realized our A.C. that we had fixed at home was not working. We started sticking to the seats. We realized it was going to be a hot 3 days. We looked like Bonnie and Clyde driving with both windows all the way down and hair blowing straight up.

Day 2 we were told to drive only 7 hours and stop in Jimenez. We were told there was no other place safe to stop after that for the night. We crossed the border at Santa Teresa. We were the only ones there, so that went very smoothly. They didn’t check inside our car for anything. I had worried about that for days as well. When we got to Jimenez, it was only 3:00. So we looked at the map and decided to push on 4 more hours to Durango, not knowing a thing about Durango. We knew that would put us driving in the dark for an hour, but we wanted to go for it. That last hour was quite scarey, between cars passing so fast, getting hassled at a checkpoint, and just not being able to see well, but we made it. We drove for 13 hours. We stayed at a Holiday Inn for business people with a nice little restaurant. It was great. We found out at dinner that Durango had 1.5 million people. Probably not super safe of us just pulling in to that big city at night like that. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss I guess.

The last day was the hardest for me. It was only going to be a 7 hour day to Punta de Mita, but the first 3 hours of it, that we didn’t know about, were up and down steep mountains and through long tunnels. The Burb was stressing out and not going very fast. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I especially got nervous when Shane started getting nervous too. Huge semis were passing us, with cars coming the other way. It was all so scary!

Well, we made it. It was so great to arrive at our condo in paradise. I must admit, it took several days to start to feel normal again. It had all been just so much. We have decided that from now on, we will fly back and forth. It was a great adventure looking back, but one we don’t want to repeat.