Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I fly to?
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

Do I need a passport to fly to Mexico?
Yes, a valid passport is required.

Do I need a visa?
You will receive a tourist card on the airplane. The card will be stamped at customs showing you are legally in the country. SUPER IMPORTANT to hold on to this card in your passport. You will need this to exit the country on the way out. Make sure to have a pen in your carry on bag to fill out the form.

Arriving at the airport:
You will have to clear customs after deplaning. You will grab any checked baggage. Then you will press a button as you leave the baggage area, giving you a green or red light. Green means, go on through. Most times, this is what you get. Red means they will look through your bags.

What is the weather like?
The Nayarit Peninsula is kept comfortable year around by gentle breezes, with average summer temperatures around 85 degrees, and 75 degrees during winter months. The rainy season is June through October, with rains usually falling in the late afternoon or night. Water temperatures range from 75 to 85 degrees.

What should I pack?

  • Passport
  • Clothing: Swimsuits, long sleeved sun protection for the
  • paddleboard(rashguard),
  • tanks for the beach and hiking, breathable t-shirts, shorts for hiking and the beach,
  • sarong, sun hat, light top for at night, sundress (although, the area is casual), trail
  • running shoes, socks, flip flops, sunglasses, sports bras
  • Small backpack or Camelback
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Books and magazines for the beach
  • Cycling shoes and pedals if appropriate

Do I need a special adaptor for electrical outlets?
If you are coming from the US, there is no need for an adaptor.

What food can I eat?
All food that we prepare, will be carefully washed and all precautions taken. We will recommend safe restaurants and food stands while eating out.

Can I drink the water?
Your accommodations will have filtered water for you to drink and to refill your water bottles. We will use only ice from purified water.

Do I pay for my alcohol and snacks?
We will make a quick stop on the way back from the airport for you to purchase alcohol and any snacks that you may want in between meals.

Should I exchange money?
When we stop for snacks, there is an ATM machine, which will charge a small fee. Or if you have cash, we will stop in Punta de Mita, and do an exchange for pesos. It is nice to have some pesos for shopping, etc.

Do I need to have prior SUP experience before coming?
Although you don’t need to have prior SUP experience before coming, we do encourage you to get on a paddleboard on flat water some before coming, so it is more fun for you. Ocean paddling can be quite a bit different. If you are interested in SUP surfing, we highly recommend that you paddle on flat water and rivers as much as possible before coming, so you are ready for the waves.

Do I need to be in great shape before coming?
Our Retreats are for all levels. But having a certain base of fitness before coming, will allow you to have more fun. We want you to have the most fun possible.

Will there be enough down time for me?
We have tried to plan just enough activities, but also not too much, as we know down time with a good book, is super important as well. This is your vacation after all, so you do what is best for you. The activities we have planned though, we do feel  are must dos, so we hope you come along.

PLEASE let us know if you have any additional questions that weren’t
answered here. We are happy to help.

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