SUP Rentals by BIC, Oxbow, SIC, & Quickblade

PRIVATE LESSONS – (Approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours)

These lessons are great for all levels. They will take place along a beautiful stretch of the Bay of Banderas, where it is common to see numerous varieties of marine life, and whales when in season. Learn the basics of SUP paddling technique to make it a full body workout or improve your existing technique so you become more efficient and have more fun. We can get more technical if you want on your technique, so you can jump into a race. If your ultimate goal is to SUP surf, we highly recommend a Private Lesson to become more comfortable on your board and to become a solid paddler, before heading into the waves. You just may catch a wave at the end of the lesson, if the conditions permit.

* Lessons include all instruction, SUP rental, life preserver, and bottled water Cost: For 1 1/2 – 2 hour lesson $95; $45 per extra person

SUP BEACH EXCURSION – (Approximately 3 hours)

Following a brief clinic on paddle technique, we will paddle along a breathtaking coastline, to a distant beach. It is very common while paddling to see a variety of marine life, and whales when in season. At our beach destination, a stunning stretch of beach in the Bay of Banderas, we will enjoy a beach walk/run, swimming, snorkeling when conditions permit, and a secluded picnic with a light snack and drinks.

* Beginner and Family Friendly
* Tour includes light instruction, SUP rental, life preserver, bottled water, and light snacks.
Cost: For 3 hour tour $125; $50 per extra person

SUP SUNSET/HAPPY HOUR PADDLE – (Approximately 1 1/2 hours)

Enjoy a relaxing paddle into the sunset in the Bay of Banderas. There is nothing like viewing a sunset from the water. As the sun sets over the ocean, the colors come alive and the tranquility of the water adds peace to the day. What a spectacular way to end another day in paradise. After the first of the year when the sunset gets later, we can turn this paddle in to the happy hour padddle. Bring your own drinks for us to pack.

* Beginner and Family Friendly
* Tour includes light instruction, SUP rental, life preserver, and bottled water Cost: For 1 1/2 hour tour; $85 and $45 per extra person

SUP TO THE MARIETAS – (Approximately 3 1/2 hours)

This 6 mile excursion is for experienced paddlers only. Bring your sense of adventure for this one. It is truly amazing. It heads out the Bay of Banderas to the channel crossing in the open ocean, and it can become a bit rough. A ponga will follow along for support with food and water and transport us back. This paddle is strenuous, and challenging, but once completed will leave you filling exhilarated like never before. The Marietas are a small group of stunning uninhabited islands 6 miles southwest of Punta de Mita. They are a very popular tourist destination due to being protected from fishing and hunting by the Mexican government. Because the water is only 75-100 feet deep between islands and quite clear, the viewing of marine life is quite spectacular.

* Strenuous
* SUP experience a must
* Tour includes boat support by Accion Tropical Surf Shop in Punta de Mita, SUP rental, life preserver, light snacks, drinks, and necessary permits from the government
* Hydration pack recommended, but not required
Cost: For 3 1/2 hour tour; $415 for 1; $230/person for 2; $168/person for 3; $137/person for 4; $119/person for 5; $107/person for 6


* Lessons and most tours require no necessary prior SUP experience
* Lessons/Tours can be as easy or as strenuous as you want
* We have SUP rentals appropriate for touring
* All SUP lessons and tours can be customized to meet your needs
* Lesson/Tours my vary according to the conditions as safety is our number one priority

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